“My horse communicated with Vickie that she had a “splinter” in her foot. The vet took radiographs and we later learned that her front feet were unbalanced and had a negative palmer angle. Our farrier has made some adjustments and my mare is much happier!”

“I have regularly used Vickie for almost 10 years to communicate with my animals.  She has helped guide me and my vets through several difficult-to-diagnose issues with my horses, and has made a huge impact on my ability to keep my animals happy and healthy!  In addition to their health, it is fun to understand some of their little personality quirks, which allows me to do the extra little things for them that make their lives better – things that I would never have known had Vickie not shared their thoughts with me!”   

Laurie BirnbachDirector of Business Development for Fox Lea Farm


Vickie loves to be the voice for pets. All she needs is a name or picture and she can tune into their well-being. When she is conducting a reading she can explain the following:

Any health concerns and overall wellness.

  • What they are thinking and feeling and if they are happy.
  • What food is best for them and if they need additional supplements.
  • Behavior issues and why they are happening.
  • If they want another pet and what gender is preferred.
  • Why pets itch – discover allergies and sensitivities.
  • If there is any pain and how to heal it.

Voice Recording $87

Pet Phone Reading 30 minute $195

Pet Phone Reading 1 hour $333


Animals pick up our stress and health issues. Energy healings are a very effective way to lesson pain, balance mood, rid disease and increase overall health. They are also very receptive to this type of healing! You can instantly see the effects as they relax and feel what is occurring within their body. In Vickie’s healings, she will feel what they are feeling. She will then work either energetically or hands on within their energy field releasing stuck energy, which causes pain, illness and disease. She will balance their energy field, clear chakras and do whatever is needed to help them heal. Animals love energy healings and should get them often to maintain a healthy, happy life.

 I do my healings in person or remotely recording the session. For my remote healings I record the session. The pet will receive the healing remotely while I am working on their energy. 

Horse healing at barn $300 first hour, $165 each hour after that.
Please contact Vickie here to schedule an appointment.

Remote healing $225


One of Vickie’s passions is working with horses. She works with boarding facilities, horse trainers and professionals in the show community. Her healings help with performance issues, health concerns, food sensitivities, what they are thinking and feeling, and their level of happiness. It is important to work on both the horse and the owner simultaneously because the animal will take on the health issues of their owners. Horses are very sensitive to energy and emotions and healings can allow them to release stress and muscle tension. Energy work is especially beneficial to horses in relieving pain and balancing their energy to help them perform at their best. Vickie can travel to shows and private barns so reach out for private rates.

Vickie is a very gifted Medium/Intuitive/Animal communicator. Her workshops are fun & very informative and she has helped me and many others, guiding us with valuable information to help everyone on their wonderful journey through life. Vickie is accurate & clear and can help with many issues; health, money, business and the health and well being of your pets. Her uplifting personality and positive attitude will spark the passion that already lives inside you helping you to evolve into who you really are

Lata, Owner of Loving Light Yoga & Healing Center