Sarasota Yacht Club - Mar 26 & 27
Open your heart to receive to manifest miracles  – Learn to set boundaries and honor your soul.
Are you wanting more in your life? 

Do you feel drained? 

Do you feel that you are trying to get ahead but your cup is empty? 

Do you feel that life is hard or that you have to give to everyone else before you can nourish yourself? 

Follow the star for details

It is time to practice self-love which means making a commitment to YOU! If you want to receive more and manifest magic you need to make time to fill your cup with love.

Make the commitment to yourself by joining this VIP Workshop and opening your heart center to have more of you in your life.

In this VIP One Day Workshop, we will be clearing away ALL energy that is draining you including your past lives, negative energy, and negative self-talk. We will let go of ALL heartache and activate your heart to receive love.

We will be using the energy of the Spring Solstice to let go of all negative energy, pluck away toxic energy cords, and plant new seeds of intentions to manifest our desires.

All energy including past lives can keep us stuck from moving, living a happy healthy life. You can shift energy instantly into love. Once you let go of the karma, past lives, heart pain,  toxic energy you will open up to love and manifest your desires instantly!

This one-day VIP Workshop will change your life forever! It’s time to let go of negative energy and activate your heart to open up to love to receive miracles and magic!

A full day of:
  • Clearing Past lives
  • Heart activation
  • Clearing energy
  • Chord Cuttings
  • Upleveling your frequency
  • Planting new intentions
  • Manifesting
  • Letting go of pain and opening up your heart to receive

Lunch is provided.

Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, journal, pen, and eye pillow.

I am looking forward to unleashing your heart and soul to magic, love, and abundance!

Sarasota Yacht Club

Sarasota, FL

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Mar 27, 2022

10 AM – 4 PM EST

$333 per person

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