Magical Moon Ceremonies

New Moon & Full Moon Webinars

Nov. Dates: 11/4 & 11/19/2021

11 AM PDT every month

I am so excited to be starting this new monthly subscription to help you let go of stuck energy and reset each month with a new intention to manifest magic!

Having a shitty month? Feeling overwhelmed or stuck, guess what, the Universe is here to help you reset your energy and release all that shit from your life!

We are so lucky that every single month the Universe gives us the moon’s power to work with. So we can start fresh and manifest magic into our life.

New Moons are the time for us to get clear of our intentions of what we would like to manifest. And then planting that seed in the universe so the moon can grow it to fruition, bringing it into reality.

Full Moons are the time to release, to let go, and to celebrate.

How will my Magical Moon Ceremony Membership work?

I will have a New Moon and Full Moon Webinar on the dates that they fall on at 11:00 am PST each month. Can’t join me live? No problem, the ceremony will be recorded and emailed to you that day so that you can do the ceremony that night. Each month the theme of the New Moon and Full Moon will change because they are in different signs each month. 

Each month I will send an email out at the beginning of that month if there are any specific things I think would be great for you to have in your moon ceremony. That way you’ll have plenty of time to get your supplies.

Where: Zoom Group Session*

When: Scheduling based on the lunar cycle

11 AM PDT twice each month

Cost: See membership options below

* All webinars will be recorded and sent out that same day so you can do the ceremony that evening. Zoom invitation link and password will be e-mailed after payment is received.

Magical Moon Ceremonies Membership Pricing

** For Manifesting Goddess Facebook group members, the Magical Moon Ceremonies membership is only $11 per month! After joining Manifesting Goddesses group, look for the “pinned” post in the announcements to join Magical Moon Ceremonies at a discounted rate.  **

Magical Moon Ceremonies Membership

Watch Vickie’s Magical Moon Ceremonies Webinars

$27 per month

For Manifesting Goddesses Members

Watch Vickie’s Magical Moon Ceremonies Webinars as a Manifesting Goddesses private group member

$47 + $11 = $58 per month*

* Membership payments automatically applied through PayPal as a monthly “subscription”.

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