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Get magical & start manifesting the life you desire

This is a magical group that I created by taking my intuitive gifts, mixing them with my manifesting skills, and bringing in Universal magical energy.

This group is so much more than learning just how to manifest, this is a HUGE HEALING JOURNEY for your heart and soul.

The more you heal the deep core issues, the more you will thrive in life.

And, forming a SYNERGY with a group of beautiful like-minded souls helps you MANIFEST EVEN FASTER!

What you get with this awesome membership:

Access to a Private Manifesting Facebook Group

Make connections, receive guidance on manifesting and fun soul homework


Healing meditations to expand and clear your energy

Weekly Card Readings

Manifesting Coaching

Vickie's eBook (PDF)

“Manifest ANYTHING You Want In 30 Days”

The Power Ones (Channeling)

Be the first to listen to Vickie’s channelings with the Power Ones

We rely on PayPal for fast, secure online payment processing (one-time purchases and payment plans).

I have been part of Vickie’s Manifesting Magic group for over a year now.  I use her techniques on a regular basis, and it never ceases to amaze me how many things I’ve been able to bring to fruition just by manifesting them!  Working with Vickie has resulted in the fact that I live my life much more relaxed and open, knowing that the universe will take care of what I need if I just make it known what I want!

Laurie Birnbach

Director of Business Development, Fox Lea Farm

Vickie is an amazing energy healer and medium. She has helped me so much from my traumas and heartaches in my life. She’s shown me how to perceive things differently with a positive spin. I can now move on and be in the moment without wallowing in the would haves and should-haves. Since working with Vickie I’m so much less stressed and Abundance flows to me more easily. I’ve been wanting a blue Prius for quite a while. One day I got a text message, here’s your new car..a blue Prius. She has taught me how to manifest abundance and so many other great things. Thank you, Vickie

Joanie Stewart

When I went to a reading with Vickie she told me I needed to do her workshop and I had plans for that weekend but very quickly I canceled them my mom wanted me to do the workshop so I did of course. I cried all day Saturday we did a lot of meditation we did a lot of soul work we did a lot of cutting of the cord did a lot of journaling. The next day I came in and Vickie goes wow you really let it go! I will tell you this after doing the weekend workshop it totally changed my whole life I did not feel the brain was not so cluttered anymore I felt like I was free and that I had not felt in a long time. 

 I did realize that all this work I’m doing is definitely paying off changing everything in my life for the good. And I cannot say enough thank you‘s to Vickie for taking the time to help me. I know I do the work but her guidance definitely has changed my life. I would 100% plus recommend doing the workshop in the manifesting magic monthly, like I said this is totally changing my life. I am back to being me for the most part I still have more work to do not saying that but I feel like I am back to me a happy me the Pisces I love me now. Thank you, Vickie.


Sarasota, FL

We rely on PayPal for fast, secure online payment processing (one-time purchases and payment plans).