Manifesting Goddesses

Become a BADASS Manifesting Queen!

Sorry men, for Women only!

Goddesses, are you ready to STEP FULLY  into your POWER and


Are you ready to be a badass manifesting goddess???

(Sorry men, this group is for women only!)

I am so excited to work with magical goddesses in my Manifesting Goddesses Group to help you BE powerful and MANIFEST MAGIC!

Our goddess energy is very important to open up, this is our receiving side. TO MANIFEST MEANS TO RECEIVE.

If you aren’t open to receiving then you won’t get it. It’s very important to clear away the stuck energy and open our goddess side which is the feminine side to receive.

I have been helping people for over 25 years manifest and find their magic from within.

I wanted a program to help other women heal and manifest using my gifts. My monthly membership program Manifesting Goddesses is a group that uses my medium, psychic abilities, energy expertise, and energy healing all together to channel and help you unleash the magic from within. Helping you become the magical manifesting goddess you already are!

I just help you clear your energy to become a badass goddess manifestor! The universe will use me to be the channel to get you moving on your new ABUNDANCE  journey!

You will grow so much in this group, pull your power back to you, build a strong belief in yourself, make new friends and find support. Your life will change!!! I can’t wait to see you inside!!!

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$50 per Month

Manifesting Goddesses is an online membership geared for those looking to step into their power and manifest their best life FAST!

In this group, you have access to all my gifts and my manifesting expertise to help you step into your power and live your best life ever! The Universe is the best tribe ever to learn from and it ALWAYS has your back. I love to be the channel to help you align your heart and soul to live your purpose.

Manifesting, playing with energy to get what you want, and helping women step into their power are my FAVORITE things to do. I have been helping people heal and manifest for over 25 years. I am here on earth to show people how to work with energy to live a life they LOVE and that’s full of ABUNDANCE!

Just by making the commitment to yourself, you will shift your energy from stuck to magic. Meet like-minded women and have a blast manifesting your dream life.


Access to a Private Manifesting Goddesses Facebook Group

Vickie's LIVE Group Video Appearances

Every Monday, Vickie will assign goddess energy work

Vickie's Intuitive Gifts

Vickie channels Goddesses

Friday Weekend Group Reading

Energy Healings

Vickie's eBook "Manifest ANYTHING You Want in 30 Days"

Manifesting Mindset

Energy Tips & Much More!

If you can’t watch the videos live you’ll be able to watch them at your own convenience. 

$50 per Month

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