Sat. Jan 8th, 2022


Sat. Jan. 8th, 2021 ~ 4 PM EST

Are you ready to release negative energy and up-level YOUR frequency to LIVE a MAGICAL 2022?

Wouldn’t it be nice to step into 2022 with no toxic chords, sadness, drama, or negative vibes?
Wouldn’t it be great to quantum leap magically into a new version of your life that is easy, supportive, magical, and abundant?
Well, you CAN and WILL by joining me in my Manifest a Magical 2022 Webinar!
I am a manifesting queen and LOVE to help other people shut the door to crap, take their power back, and make magic shit happen! Bonus: I am super psychic too. Take some woo woo and mix it with energy and it makes magic!
YOU are the creator of your life and YOU can live a magical life! I will show you how in this webinar. We are being gifted an EXTREME magical vortex right now in December – let’s use it!

In this webinar, we will be doing an energy clearing – always a MUST to up-level our frequency. You will also learn manifesting tools and tips and most importantly how to AMPLIFY your frequency to be a vibrational match to your desires. We are also going to do some super fun quantum leaping, jump right into the new vision of your life!

Join me with a glass of wine or tea, in a comfy place, and grab your journal.

Let’s make magic happen!

Registration & RSVP

January 8, 2022, 4 PM EST

COST: $77

Venmo me @Vickie-miller-33

A Zoom link will be sent out within 24 hours of payment.