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Meet Jody,

Specialty: Aromatherapy & Herbalism

Jody Pesapane is an Herbalist, Clinical Aromatherapist, Advanced Pranic Healer, a graduate of Magical University, has her Masters in Education, and is a certified teacher in science.

She is the CEO and formulator of Mindful Mixtures, a plant-based company started in 2015. Mindful Mixtures is a 1% for the Planet company, giving 1% of annual sales to established and certified organizations that are committed to environmental sustainability. She is the sole owner and operator of The Herbologist Shop, specializing in medicinal teas for specific purposes.

She has traveled extensively throughout the world and works hard to make sure the ingredients that are used in her products come from sustainable, responsible sources that care about people and the planet. She loves helping people feel better through custom-curated products made with intention and care.

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