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Magical U - Vickie Luna Miller

Meet Vickie’s Certified Healers!

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Aromatherapy & Herbalism

Meet Jody

Jody Pesapane is an Herbalist, Clinical Aromatherapist, Advanced Pranic Healer, a graduate of Magical University, has her Masters in Education, and is a certified teacher in science.

Kim Lumsden

Intuitive Readings

Meet Kim

Kim’s intuitive readings connect not only to the soul but to realms that recognize what needs to be revealed. Readings with Kim will be full of authenticity, charisma and a whole lot of cussing! Enjoy her Noni goddess wisdom and a unique reading experience you’re sure to remember!

Kimberly Rose

Intuitive Readings

Meet Kimberly Rose

Kim Rose (Turitto) is a Psychic, Energy healer, and intuitive life coach. Her energy healing sessions include a brief card reading. Schedule a session below.

Please Note: Sessions are done by proxy and sent via email once completed. Please send a recent picture via email prior to your session.


Master Energy Healer

Meet Melanie

Melanie is a teacher, intuitive, and master energy healer. She loves to help people remove energy blocks, balance their own energy, find clarity and answers, and open up to living their best, magical lives!


Spiritual Intuitive

Meet Sherree

I’ve been doing energy healings for many years. I just love helping others to feel and live empowered lives. Through love and compassion, I embrace my gifts.


Energy Healer & Intuitive Readings

Meet Susan

I provide intuitive readings and an energy healing combination. This includes reading your aura, interpreting energy cards that I draw specifically for you, tapping into your energy to provide insight on your journey, and clearing out stuck energy in your body. Schedule a session below.