Welcome to my Institute of Empowerment!

It is my pleasure and passion to bring to women empowering courses by women that can help you on your magical journey of enlightenment and healing.

When you make a commitment to learn and evolve your mind and get out of your comfort zone you will heal and manifest magic in your life.

I created the Vickie Luna Miller Institute to help support women and empower them to heal and manifest their best life! I have worked with and healed thousands of people in the energy world and have seen many miracles happen.

It is your birthright to be healthy, and abundant, and live a magical life.




I have webinars and have selected the following teachers to help you grow and evolve on your magical journey. Choose from many different webinars that will help you better your life.

It is my desire for EVERY woman to live a life that they LOVE and that is full of MAGIC!

Just by making a commitment to learning something new you are opening the doors to miracles and magic.

Make sure to check back often as new courses will be added.

Enjoy your new magical journey.

Love and Magic,
Vickie Luna