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“My life has completely changed from the work I’ve done with Vickie. I can not thank her enough for the gifts she has given me. Thank you, Vickie!”

Whitney, Actress | Los Angeles

Just got done having a private group reading done. Seriously amazing. She knew things no one could possibly know. Definitely having a private session soon. I’m in awe. Thank you so much, Vickie.”


“Vickie is an amazing energy healer and medium. She has helped me so much from my traumas and heartaches in my life. She’s shown me how to perceive things differently with a positive spin. I can now move on and be in the moment without wallowing in the would haves and should haves. Since working with Vickie I’m so much less stressed and Abundance flows to me more easily. I’ve been wanting a blue Prius for quite a while. One day I got a text message, here’s your new car..a blue Prius. She has taught me how to manifest abundance and so many other great things. Thank you, Vickie.”

Joanie Stewart

 “If you ask me about my thoughts on whether or not Vickie is helpful with readings, insight or daily advise I would have to say she is “priceless.” 

Vickie has shown me a way to look at everything in a more positive way as well as helping me be more aware and sensitive to the people and things around me. 

Vickie’s insight helps with my horses and our business.  Anytime I need a little help determining a soundness issue with one of our competition horses Vickie taps in and finds the problem. 

Our veterinarian is even interested in our conversations and discoveries with Vickie because they always lead to a solution.

I have so many stories I could share about her tremendous gift and intuition that she shares with us at Fairwin Farm. These interactions help us personally and with a competitive edge in our training and planning for the horses best care. 

On more than one occasion Vickie has showed us what we were missing with an illness or lameness.  She has helped us heal our horses and better understand why things were happening so that we could make changes for the future.”


“I Give this book 5 stars! I’m not much of a reader- but this book was one more of a personal journey. I could read a page a day everyday for 30 days and make myself accountable for what I want to manifest in my life! I loved the book! When I got to the end of the book- I was kinda sad that I had finished- but then- it came to me- Read It Again! Make it part of the daily routine. It’s a positive guide to manifesting what you personally want to achieve in your life. Short and Sweet! Good stuff! I have referred the book to all my friends…”

– Tammy Holland-Davis

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