Sarasota Yacht Club - Mar 26 & 27

Join me for a peaceful HEALING weekend using the powerful energy of Spring Solstice to up-level your life and uncover a new version of you! We all know spring cleaning is a must but, more importantly, you must reset and refuel your ENERGY! Utilize the energy of the Spring Solstice, clear your mind, and recharge that energy.

This two-day workshop is a powerful heart and soul shifter to healing and love!

In this workshop, we will be going deep into the heart and soul to release fear, pain, resentment, insecurities, sadness, and all lower energies that are holding you back from living a life you love! 

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We will be visiting past lives, clearing toxic energy, soul cleansing, and shifting your energy into LOVE, FLOW, and MAGIC. Clearing all stuck or toxic energy from your life will open you up to an abundance of everything.

We all have toxic energy chords from our past lives and from people and situations in our life. When you clear the toxic energy in your heart and soul you will open up to instant manifesting and infinite possibilities of love and abundance. You will align to magic; everything will flow easily to you. Shifting your energy will shift your life!

This is open to everyone but, I’m encouraging couples. This journey will help ALL relationships including your relationship with yourself which is the MOST important. When you heal yourself EVERYTHING will change in your life for the better including the relationships with others.

  • Past life healing
  • Energy Chord Cuttings
  • Healing Meditations
  • Sound healing baths
  • Manifesting
  • Soul healing
  • Heart healing and much more!

Lunch is provided.

Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, journal, pen, and eye pillow.

I am looking forward to unleashing your heart and soul to magic, love, and abundance!

Sarasota Yacht Club

Sarasota, FL

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Mar 26 & 27, 2022

10 AM – 4 PM EST

$750 per person

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