Becoming Magical Webinar

& Intro Healing Class

Sept. 21st @ 4 pm PST

Free Registration

Becoming Magical Webinar & Intro Healing Class

Sept. 21st @ 4 pm PST

Free Registration

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I think quite a few of us have been thinking lately that with this crazy world going on right now how AWESOME it would be to own our own business and do whatever the hell we want!!! No one breathing down our necks, telling us what to do with our bodies. How nice it would be to have more time freedom and peace.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to set your own hours, feed your heart, and step into your purpose of helping others and making money at it? Maybe you are already a healer of some kind like a massage therapist and want to bring energy healings to your work.

Maybe you’d like to learn how to clear and protect your own energy field, or how to tune into your family’s health to heal yourself and your children. Or have you wanted to learn how to use crystals, essence oils, and sound healing to heal? (Crystal are so fun to work with).

YOU yes YOU, are a healer and can LEARN to work with energy to MAKE MIRACLES happen! In over 25 years I have NEVER had anyone that I could not teach and help them expand their intuition to heal with energy.

You are so needed right now in the world to raise up the vibration! You will be sooooo busy helping others and having a blast that you will not even feel like you are working. You will be healing too and making a difference in the world with your gifts.

This is why I started Magical University and it”s all online! So no matter where you are in the world or whatever is going on, you can be there!!

It is my deepest desire to teach everyone how to work with energy, so they can get their burning questions answered themselves. To teach them how to clear and work with energy to clear and bring in abundance for themselves and others.

Have you been wanting to heal your heart and manifest your DREAM life? Manifest more love, more money, more joy, and have a MAGICAL LIFE?

Magical University will teach you EVERYTHING that I have learned in my over 25 years of working with the spirit world and energy world. You will learn a ton and the biggest thing is you will go through a HUGE healing yourself.

~ Become the BEST Medium, Psychic, and Energy Healer you know ~


Becoming Magical Webinar

Sept. 21st

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