About Vickie

Vickie Luna Miller is a world renowned spiritual leader, teacher, medium, intuitive and master energy healer, she helps everyone heal and manifest their best life! Vickie loves to open people up to their magical powers within to live a magical, abundant life. 

Over 20 years ago Vickie fully stepped into her power and is so passionate about sharing her work with the world. Helping others to connect to spirit and work with energy to heal, grow, and manifest abundance to live their best life is her gift to the world!

Vickie is a powerful mover and shaker of everything and anything energy, and she is ready to lead you out of mediocrity so you can step into LIVING your dreams. As a master energy healer Vickie is able to see and remove stuck energy in a person’s mind, body, life and past lives. She works with pets and unborn babies too.

Vickie has a podcast called The Vickie Miller Podcast, does a live show on Facebook and YouTube, The Vickie Miller Show, she is the author of the book; “Manifest ANYTHING YOU WANT in 30 Days”.

 The Founder of Magical University, an online energy healing University. Helping people find the magic to expand their intuition, help them learn how to work with energy to heal and manifest so they can live the life they’ve dreamt of. 

The Manifesting Magic Group Membership is for people who want a better life and to manifest their desires into reality. It’s a fun healing and manifesting group, people have manifested so many things. One person manifested a car! Lives have been changed and people have been transformed. 

The Goddess Empowerment Membership is for women who are ready to step into their power. Women who are ready to love wildly, live authentically and change their lives!

Vickie has been featured on TV, in newspapers, and several radio shows over the years. You can even find her in Ripley’s Believe it or Not (2006). She was also the winner of  Hay House Publishing’s Mover and Shaker award.

Vickie’s pet readings began when she started her first dog bakery in 1999 “Dudley’s Dog Bakery”,  in SW Florida. A dog came into her store and immediately Vickies stomach started to hurt. Long story short, she saved the dog’s life by telling the owner she thought something was going on with the dogs stomach.  It ended up the dog had stomach cancer but caught it in enough time. 

Vickie has always been a lover of pets and had many growing up. She can communicate to them and feel what they are feeling in her own body. She has helped thousands of pets including horses with health, performance, behavior and overall wellness. 

Vickie has 5 beautiful children, three grown sons and two children still at home, she loves being a Mom. She lives in Montecito, California with two children Samantha and Dane, two dogs, Stella, a great dane, and Owen, a puggle.

Now the unofficial bio…

I was born a channeler of spirit, connecting one to their heart and soul, aligning them to their magic! This is who I am, I cannot take it out of me, nor would I want to. It is so easy for me to read everyone’s energy with just a name or a picture, including animals. 

Can you imagine having your first psychic experience at the age of 5 in a very Southern Baptist household?! And having to ignore your gifts for the first part of your life?! Not a whole lot of fun at all.

For many years I pushed my gifts away because I was taught they were bad. Now I am soooooo appreciative of my gifts and that I opened back up to them! I love my life, it is full of abundance and magic, and I love helping others to live the same way. 

Playing with energy and being able to be in communication with the ‘other side’ is so much fun. Everything is energy, once you open up to it, so much can be changed, improved, and manifested! 

For over 20 years I have been helping people, animals and even babies not yet born.

As I am only one person, it was impossible for me to do readings and healings on everyone, so I began teaching. I love it, helping people to read and see energy and heal others. 

That’s how Magical University, and the Manifesting Magic Monthly Membership came into being. So I could help more people. 

Magical University, is an online energy healing University. Helping people find the magic to expand their intuition, help them learn how to work with energy to heal and manifest so they can live their best life! And so they can help heal others and the world. The world needs more healers!

I love to help people grow and evolve by connecting them to spirit and clearing the way to their heart and soul. It’s so easy for me to see and clear stuck energy. 

Once I do that the possibilities are endless! 

Dream BIG! 

Vickie Luna Miller 🌙